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Summon Arvak is an Apprentice level Conjuration spell. This spell is used to summon the undead horse Arvak, which can be used in the Soul Cairn and Skyrim.


  • Summon Arvak is obtained as a reward at the end of the Find Arvak's Skull miscellaneous quest.


  • Summon Arvak is the only conjuration spell that is not combat related.
  • Though this spell summons Arvak for 60 seconds, as long he is ridden, he will not dissipate.
  • Arvak cannot be summoned at Forgotten Vale during Touching the Sky even though there is enough space for him. This is probably because it does not count as Tamriel wilderness.
  • With the Twin Souls perk it is possible to summon two Arvaks.
  • Even with 100% spell absorbtion, he is still able to be conjured.