Sungard, otherwise known as Sunguard or Fort Sungard, is a fortified settlement in Skyrim situated in the Reach. It serves as the military stronghold in the Reach.

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Sungard is perched on a mountainside above a road between Old Hroldan and Greymoor. Sungard has one entrance that leads into the center. On the upper level of the fort, a shrine is found.


First EraEdit

In 1E 478, the Alessian Empire launched a campaign to conquer the northern provinces in Tamriel in places such as High Rock with the Glenumbra Moors and Skyrim with Sungard. While the Battle of Skingrad was happening in Colovian West, High King Kjoric the White was leading an army of Nordic rebels against Emperor Gorieus at Fort Sungard. Kjoric was assassinated at the battle resulting in a new election for High King in Skyrim.[1]

Second EraEdit

In her youth, Queen Barenziah ran away from her home, Darkmoor to the city of Whiterun with a donkey-brained stable boy named Straw. Since Whiterun is not far from Darkmoor, the two looked for jobs that can take them as far away as possible. Straw found jobs as Caravan Guards for a Caravan heading eastward towards the town of Sunguard. The two then travel for Sunguard and eventually Riften where Barenziah learned of her heritage.[2]

Third EraEdit

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During the Imperial Simulacrum, the Sunguard township existed in Skyrim in what is generally the Rift area, in between the towns of Nimalten City, Reich Corigate, and Greenwall. At one point, the Eternal Champion had visited the town on their quest for a piece of the Staff of Chaos to defeat Jagar Tharn at the Imperial Palace.[3]

Fourth EraEdit

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Fort Sungard was a major military bulwark that protected the city of Markarth from foreign invaders to the south. Those who took Sungard had control over Markarth and the Reach. At this point, the Fort was overrun by the Forsworn Tribe of Reachman who used it as a redoubt. Because Markarth was a part of the Mede Empire, the stronghold is under the control of the Imperial Legion.[4]




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