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"The southern city of Sunhold serves as the home port of Summerset's famed Dominion navy. But with High Elven fleets over the horizon fighting the alliance war, Sunhold remains virtually unprotected."
―Sunhold loading screen[src]

Sunhold is a Public Dungeon that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset, found on the Isle of Summerset. Sunhold is the home of the Aldmeri Dominion's powerful navy, but because the Navy is fighting in the Alliance War, Sunhold was left undefended and it was captured by the Maormer.

Enemies here drop fragments of the Psijic Glowglobe.

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Sunhold Sundered[edit | edit source]

Help Kinlady Helenaere take back the city.

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  • Sunhold, along with the rest of southern Summerset was originally set to appear in the base game before it was ultimately replaced by Auridon. Remnants of this zone are still in the code. Sunhold's plot of being invaded by the Maormer was reused with the Summerset Chapter.[UL 1]

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