Supply Route Problems is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. The new supply ship has arrived at the dock in Raven Rock, but the captain, Baro Egnatius, won't budge without some sort of extra payment. Falco has no intention of paying him, and instead wants the Nerevarine to talk sense into him.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Speak with Falco/Carnius for assignments
  • Speak with Falco about the supplies
  • Speak with Baro Egnatius
  • Speak with Falco
  • Speak with Apronia Alfena about Elberoth
  • Speak with Baro Egnatius with Elberoth's saber drawn
  • Speak with Falco
  • Speak with Carnius

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

A few days after completing the quest "Setting up Shop," the Nerevarine should return to Falco Galenus or Carnius Magius, depending on who they sided with, and speak to them about assignments. If Carnius was sided with, he will tell the Nerevarine to go speak to Falco in Raven Rock.

Falco will tell the Nerevarine there is a problem with the shipment, or rather, with Baro Egnatius, the captain delivering it. Baro is demanding more money than what was initially agreed upon, and Falco has no intent of paying him extra.

Speaking with Baro will show that he is completely unreasonable, and that he has no intent of ceasing his demands. He will however mention that he was friends with the captain of the previous, wrecked supply ship, Elberoth, and was in awe of his fighting skills.

Upon returning to Falco, he will suggest the Nerevarine speaks with Apronia Alfena, the girl the Nerevarine rescued from the shipwreck, as she was on the ship with Elberoth and might know something about him that will help in dealing with Baro. When the Nerevarine speaks to her, she will give them Elberoth's Saber.

When the Nerevarine speaks to Baro with the saber drawn, he will erroneously conclude the Nerevarine must have beaten Elberoth in battle, and will be intimidated into letting go of his unreasonable claims.

Speak with Falco. If you sided with him, he will then give you your reward. If you sided with Carnius, make your way to Fort Frostmoth after speaking with Falco, and get your reward from Carnius.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Supply Route Problems
There's some sort of problem with the new supply ship at the colony. Carnius has asked me to check in with Falco and deal with it.
  • Quest accepted
Falco has told me that the new supply ship has arrived, but the captain, Baro Egnatius, won't budge without some sort of extra payment. Falco has no intention of paying him, and instead wants me to talk sense into him. He should be at the dock in Raven Rock.
Baro Egnatius was extremely rude to me, and demanded a large sum of money to transport the colony's goods. He won't budge until he has this extra payment.
Falco suggested I ask Apronia about Elberoth, since Baro seems to know him.
Apronia gave me Elberoth's saber, since she no longer needs it.
Falco suggested I make a point of displaying Elberoth's saber in front of Baro Egnatius.
Baro Egnatius recognized Elberoth's saber while I was holding it, and mistakenly thinks I killed Elberoth. This works in my favor, since he's now willing to transport the goods without any extra payment.
The news of the supply ship needs to get back to Carnius.
Carnius was grateful that the situation with the supply ship had been resolved, and thanked me for dealing with it.
  • Quest complete
Falco thanked me for straightening out the situation with Baro.
  • Quest complete
I killed Baro Egnatius.
Since Baro is dead, I've failed my assignment and receive no reward.
  • Quest failed

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