"Spirits of Oblivion, arise!"
―Supreme Atromancer[src]

Supreme Atromancer is a creature card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


  • Supreme Atromancer can be acquired by soul summoning it with 1200 soul gems.


This card is extremely strong, yet very weak, even with its expensive cost. It is offset because it summons a Flame Atronach in each lane, which have Breakthrough. After this card is played, when the player summons another creature, this card deals 2 damage to the opponent. It is recommended that you play this card, then, on the next turn, play two or three creatures to maximize damage output. It is best to play this card if other magicka increasing cards have been played.


  • "Elements, I summon thee!" – When summoned
  • "You're outmatched." – When summoned
  • "Spirits of Oblivion, arise!" – When summoned
  • "Churlish lout!" – When attacking
  • "Face me, coward!" – When attacking
  • "Sheor curse you!" – When attacking



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