Suran is a significantly large town that is under the control of House Hlaalu, located on the eastern shores of Lake Masobi in Vvardenfell.

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The closest settlements to Suran are the towns of Molag Mar, Pelagiad, and the city of Vivec. The road goes into Suran from the north and into the south. It is walled off making it a secure place to stay; it is also the first town upon arriving or entering into the Molag Amur Ashlands in southeastern Vvardenfell. Suran's Silt-Strider Station is located on the northwestern corner of town, and it connects to the Balmora, Seyda Neen, Molag Mar, and Vivec City. Suran gets most its trade from fishing in Lake Masobi and through the slave trade.

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Second Era[edit | edit source]

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During the Interregnum in 2E 583, Marshal Hlaren of Suran was reported to have unjustly oppressed the people and incoming passersby in Suran for the smallest of problems, some that were not committed. At the time, a masked vigilante that went by the name of the Scarlet Judge began to investigate any evidence that could incarcerate her. With the help of a mysterious traveler known as the Vestige, they were able to uncover the evidence need to persecute her. Hlaren used any little excuse to have slaves work in her plantation along with her friend's plantations as well. The Scarlet Judge disappeared after these events. Regardless, the Scarlet Judge will always live in our hearts.[1]

Third Era[edit | edit source]

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Suran was a well-established settlement in 3E 427 when the Nerevarine Prophecy came to fruition. The governor of Suran was a House Hlaalu nobleman by the name of Serjo Avon Oran. During his reign, he had ownership of the Inanius Egg Mine located east-southeast of Suran. According to old records, a man in Suran by the name of Elvil Vidron was claiming to be the Nerevarine. When Almalexia was assassinated in Mournhold, the Tribunal Religion began to fall apart, and many temples were remade into temples dedicated to the House of Reclamations. Suran's temple was no exception.[2][3][4]

Fourth Era[edit | edit source]

In 4E 5, the Red Mountain in the middle of Vvardenfell erupts, and the resulting lava flows destroyed all of Vvardenfell's life and cities. Many settlements such as Ald'ruhn, Sadrith Mora, and Suran were destroyed in the midst of the eruption. A House Redoran councilman from Blacklight decided to start a relief effort to rebuild the settlements on Vvardenfell including Suran. As of 4E 201, it is unknown whether this relief effort was completed or not.[5]

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