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The Suran Temple is a Tribunal Temple facility in the southeast corner of Suran. This small building is home to only one member of the faction, Elynu Saren, a priestess who offers a variety of services. The temple is void of shrines and there are no quests involving this location.


Outside the temple's entrance there are a couple of Gold Kanet and Kreshweed plants that can be harvested. Elynu Saren is on the main floor, along with several containers of ingredients and miscellaneous items in the northeast corner. There is a locked chest (level 50) containing potions in the northwest corner, and a staircase leading to the lower level in the northeast corner.

The door at the bottom of the stairs leading to Elynu's living quarters is locked (level 25). Although the bed is owned and therefore illegal to use, Elynu rarely follows the Nerevarine downstairs to witness the crime. A copy of 2920, FrostFall, a Conjuration skill book can be found on a small round table.


Suran Temple is the only location where the Greater Resist Poison and Saintly Word spells can be purchased.


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