Surilie Brothers Vineyards is a location in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and can be found directly outside of the Skingrad city walls, to the west of the city, in the West Weald.


The Vineyard is run by the Surilie brothers, Gaston and Davide Surilie. They are a competitor to Tamika's Vineyards, despite Davide admitting that he prefers Tamika's Wine over his own.

Their fine wine consists of Surilie Brothers Vintage 415, Surilie Brothers Vintage 399, and lastly, Surilie Brothers Wine. The Surilie Brothers Wine is the most common of their wines while the Surilie Brothers Vintage 399 is the rarest and most expensive. This being said, Surilie Brothers Vintage 415 lies neutral in cost.

The Surilie Brothers and their wine are much respected in the neighboring city of Skingrad, and many residents can be heard commenting on them in a positive fashion.



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