"You didn't hear it from me, but if you want a real drink, try the Cornerclub in the Gray Quarter."
―Susanna the Wicked[src]

Susanna the Wicked is a Nord who can be found in Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm. She is flagged as essential and cannot be killed.


Susanna works at Candlehearth Hall as a waitress, at all hours. At one point, she asked Nils to make a recipe for his chaurus pie, and that led him to write the book Chaurus Pie: A Recipe.[1]


She cannot be conversed with, but she offers small lines of dialogue and sympathizes with the Dunmer and Argonians in Windhelm. According to Elda Early-Dawn, "she plays the flirt, but it's just to get good tips." Her name is a stark contrast to her personality, like Grelod the Kind or Fultheim the Fearless.


Blood on the IceEdit

As part of the quest "Blood on the Ice," Susanna is murdered by the Butcher. According to the Butcher's Journal, she exited the Candlehearth Hall, late at night. The killer was eager to grab her, but guards were present. Eventually, she was murdered in the cemetery of the city. Calixto Corrium and Silda the Unseen were witnesses to the crime. Later, her body can be found in the Hall of the Dead, being tended to by Helgird.


  • "Did you know that candle on the mantle hasn't gone out in over a hundred years?"
  • "How can Elda hate the dark elves when she knows so little about them?"
  • "See you around, handsome." ―If the Dragonborn is male.
  • "See you around, my beauty." ―If the Dragonborn is female.


  • Susanna wears the rare Tavern Clothes, however, it is impossible to obtain these clothes from her as she is tagged as essential while alive and her clothes are missing from her corpse. 


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  •  360   If, during the quest "Blood on the Ice," the step to talk to Jorleif the first time is skipped, Susanna's body may not be moved to the Hall of the Dead.
    •  360(Fix)   A simple reload to an earlier save and then talking to Jorleif for that step may fix this.
  •  360   PC   NX   Can be randomly found deceased in Windhelm during the quest "Battle for Windhelm."



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