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A letter written by Ulrich Leland to some relatives outside of Cyrodiil. Part of the "Corruption and Conscience" quest in Cheydinhal.


Ulrich Leland's room within the castle barracks, resting on a Guide to Cheydinhal book on the dresser to the right of his bed.


Dearest Isabel and Jenetta,

I should be able to send you another package of money and goods within the month. This posting is proving more lucrative than I'd first suspected. Who knew that Indarys would be so easy to dupe? He doesn't even care. He's so busy wrapped up in his own affairs, and I mean that literally, that he has no time to pay attention to the daily operations of Cheydinhal.

I've decided to raise the fines again next month. Then we can begin constructing that summer keep we'd always wanted, my cousins. More to come soon. My love to both of you.



  • This is only relevant if one choose to do method one of the quest "Corruption and Conscience."
  • It appears as a stolen item within the inventory. However, when one speaks to Garrus, it is removed, and they are not prosecuted by him.


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