Suturah was an advisor to the usurper King Fahara'jad and secretly a practicing Necromancer.

Suturah killed all of King Fahara'jad advisors and reanimated them in an attempted assassination of the King, though the attempt failed Suturah did manage to escaped the capitol. Suturah fled to the eastern portion of Hammerfell where he joined the ranks of the Order of the Black Worm. With the help of the Order, Suturah raised and army of undead Ra-Netu and began to march on Sentinel; but before Suturah reached Sentinel his army was ambushed by the Ash'abah tribe and was slain by the headman of the tribe Marimah.[1]

Decades later, however, Suturah's children Uwafa, Alasan and Shiri formed the Withered Hand, a cabal of necromancers who sought to finish what their father started and take over the Alik'r and transform it into a kingdom of death. Shiri would ultimately use the power of Ansei Wards and her own life to raise Suturah as a Lich, but he is ultimately slain by the Vestige and their allies.


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