"Arise, Olaf! My vengeance is at hand!"

Svaknir was an ancient Nord bard who lived during the reign of King Olaf One-Eye.


Svaknir is credited with writing and performing a particularly damning piece of work challenging King Olaf's character and the events surrounding his capture of the dragon Numinex, as chronicled in Olaf and the Dragon. Olaf's Verse, as it was entitled, so enraged the High King that he ordered the destruction of all copies of the verse and had Svaknir imprisoned.


Tending the FlamesEdit

Giraud Gemane, of the Solitude Bards College, recently discovered that there is one surviving copy of Olaf's Verse buried alongside Svaknir himself in Dead Men's Respite. So hated was he by King Olaf that Svaknir was entombed alongside the King for all eternity.

Svaknir's Ghost can still be found haunting the tomb and becomes a key ally in the quest to retrieve the lost verse.


Svaknir can be seen wandering the mists along the way to the Hall of Valor during the quest "Sovngarde" if the verse was retrieved before doing this quest.

Olaf One-Eye can be met in the Hall of Valor. He says he wants to meet Svaknir as a friend, and worthy foe.


  • "Olaf! It is time!"


Olaf One-EyeEdit

Svaknir: "Olaf!"
King Olaf One-Eye: "Insolent bard. Die!"



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