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Svartr was a High King of Solitude, and the rest of the western portion of Skyrim, during the Second Era.


Svartr was the Jarl of Solitude in 2E 431. To stop Freydis, daughter of Logrolf, from becoming High Queen, he claimed she was an illegitimate child of Logrolf's, and thus a moot was called to select the next High King or Queen. Although Freydis was named High Queen in Windhelm and gained control over the eastern region of Skyrim, Svartr became High King in the west, causing a schism that split Skyrim.[1]

Svartr was ineffective in holding back the Orsimer and Reachmen that plagued the West Kingdom during his rule. After the Sacking of Orsinium, many Orsimer fled east into Falkreath, and Yashnag gro-Yazgu founded an Orcish kingdom in the hold.[2] The Reachmen took control of the Eastern Reach, ruling it independently.[UL 1] His descendants were given power after his death,[1] and Svargrim became the ruler of the West Kingdom in 2E 561.[UL 2]


  • Svartr owned a herd of cows whose descendants are the only ones that can provide milk for Solitude Eidar cheese.[3]



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High King of West Skyrim
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