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Sweet Roll is a creature card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


The Sweet Roll is a token card, and therefore cannot be added directly to decks. It can only be summoned in-game when the Wabbajack is used on a card. It has a 3%–3.33% chance occurrence rate, taken from a sample of 8 out 250 uses of the Wabbajack.

Heroes of SkyrimEdit

With the Heroes of Skyrim expansion, Grisly Gourmet can transform an enemy creature with 2 power or less into "Sweet Roll."


The Sweet Roll is not a card to often be expected, having a very low chance of being summoned. If the opponent has the Wabbajack, there is a good chance they will use it on a more powerful enemy, and should you be stuck with a Sweet Roll, it is best to make the most of the situation.

The Sweet Roll can be destroyed easily, and cards like Skaven Pyromancer that deal weak but widespread damage can render it useless.

To use the Sweet Roll effectively, it is suggested to use it on a wounded creature with high stats. This is also the suggested route when dealing with opponents who have Agility decks, as a number of cards can instantly destroy wounded creatures. The Sweet Roll is also a reasonable card to sacrifice, usually with the cards Cruel Firebloom and Soul Split.


  • The Sweet Roll is the only card with "Pastry" as its race. In loading screens, a tip given is that the Wabbajack has a chance to turn a creature into something tasty.
  • The Sweet Roll is an easter egg to the Wabbajack turning living beings into sweet rolls.



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