Swift Warrior is an Orsimer passive skill in The Elder Scrolls Online. It was renamed to Swift Warrior, from its previous name of "Swift," as of Update 7.[1]


Reduces Sprint cost by 4% and increases Sprint speed by 3%. It has (3 ranks) that the Vestige can reach.



  • Update 2: This Orc passive now also causes charge attacks to deal 2% (Rank I) 4% (Rank II) and 6% (Rank III) more damage.[2]
  • Update 3: Fixed an issue where this passive wasn't increasing the damage of your charge attacks.[3]
  • Swift Rank 3: The tooltip for this passive now displays the correct increase in damage to charge attacks, which is 6% instead of 2%.[3]
  • Update 7: Renamed this passive to Swift Warrior. Swift Warrior will no longer increase Charge attacks, but will instead increase all Melee Weapon attack damage by 2/3/4%.[1]
  • Update 7: Fixed an issue where this passive was not increasing damage for melee-class abilities.[1]
  • Update 8: Fixed an issue where the full speed bonus from this passive was not being applied.[4]



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