"Please don't let Glutton become bacon. He's much too young to be eaten."
―Swineheard Wickton[src]

Swineherd Wickton is a Breton residing in Daggerfall in Glenumbra.

He spends his time in his swinery located near the Mages Guild where he raises pigs. He has a prized pig named Glutton who goes missing and is looking for help to find him.


Swine ThiefEdit

When Swineherd Wickton discover his pig Glutton is missing, he believe Gregoire Lafont stole it to serve it for dinner at the inn.

The dialogue that starts the quest:

"Thieves! Daggerfall is full of them! They steal anything that's not nailed down! They even stole my livestock."

You were robbed? "This was no simple robbery. It was grand larceny! And I know who did it. Lafont stole my Glutton! He's been itching to put my prozed pig on his menu, serve him up in a stew at his wretched inn. Glutton's missing and I just know Lafont took him."
Have you reported this to the watch? "They said to take it up with the magistrate, but that takes too long. Poor Glutton doesn't have that much time. I need someone to rescue him before he becomes a ham sandwich!"
I can find your pig.

The dialogue after Glutton's return:

"You found him! You found my wonderful little Glutton!"

Your pig was in an alley, chewing on a strange vine. "I bet Lafont was hiding him there until he could turn poor Glutton into ribs and chops. But now I've got my prized pig back."
I don't think Lafont had anything to do with it. And I've seen vines like that before. "Lafont's guilty of something, I'm sure of it. But what do I care about strange vines? Talk to Zhagush over by the Mages Guild if you're so interested. He knows his plants. Sold me some herbs one time when Glutton ate something that upset his tummy."
I'll ask Zhagush about the vines.


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