Fjotra, the Sybil of Dibella as of 4E 201.

The Sybil of Dibella is a prophetess or leader of the Cult of Dibella. She is in constant direct contact with their Goddess Dibella and through her the cult knows the mind/will of their god. If the Sybil dies, a new Sybil of Dibella is revealed through a ritual, called the "Exhalted Protocol of Dibellan Sybil."


The Heart Of DibellaEdit

For being caught trespassing within the Temple of Dibella in Markarth by Hamal, the Dragonborn is punished with retrieving the new Sybil from Karthwasten.


  • The title bears resemblance to one held by several ancient Greek prophetesses, although with a different spelling: Sibyl.
  • The Sybils of Dibella are also reminiscent of the real life Nepali Kumari, young girls brought away from their families to live in a temple and serve as the vessel of a goddess.


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