Fjotra, the new Sybil of Dibella

The Sybil of Dibella is a prophetess or leader of the Cult of Dibella. She is in constant direct contact with their Goddess Dibella and through her the cult knows the mind/will of their god. The old Sybil has died and the new Sybil of Dibella has been seen in a vision and is a girl named Fjotra, from the mining town of Karthwasten in The Reach.



  • It is possible to gain access to the highest level of the Broken Tower Redoubt without going though all the levels by climbing down the mountain behind the castle
  • The "Altar of Dibella" is the large pool in the center of the initial temple area, rather than one of the many, many other things around the temple and inner sanctum that look like altars.
  • Enmon offers to accompany you on the rescue but can be turned down which has no effect on the game, and if he does accompany you and dies, that also has no effect on the game.
  • This quest is linked in with a quest given by Degaine who is a beggar in Markarth in which you have to steal a Dibella Statue from the temple. If you have the Talk to Degaine task, but don't talk to him, and talk to Hamal in the temple to directly accept and finish the quest, you won't be able to finish the talk to Degaine quest (this is not a bug, the statue is removed from your inventory upon speaking to Hamal, and if you don't take the statue beforehand the monks will move into the room containing it, making it difficult to take).
  • It is possible to find Logrolf the Willful while performing the quest The House of Horrors and Fjotra in the same pen if doing these quests simultaneously.
  • It is possible to start this quest without having the Dibella Statue removed from your inventory or made inaccessible by using physics grab (Hold Activate button) to move the statue near the walls behind the area where the monks are originally communing.
  • Sibyl is the title of several Roman prophetesses, and so it is possible that her name, although with an alternate spelling, is based off of the title.


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  • Some players have noticed a bug with Hamal. Hamal sometimes suffers from the "lightning fast dialogue", the same bug that has been noticed with Esbern, causing Hamal and the priestessess to attack the player. Found that if you get caught by Hamal then you can start the quest.
  • If both The Heart of Dibella and The House of Horrors quests are activated, and if you go directly to the Broken Tower Redoubt without having talked to Enmon, you could find Fjotra and Logrolf the Willful in the same cell. Once having opened the cell and talked to Fjotra, she will follow you but the quest item find the new sybil of Dibella will stay unachieved, and you will no more be able to accomplish the main quest, even once Fjotra has been taken back to the Temple of Dibella in Markarth (but you will still receive the Agent of Dibella active effect).
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