Sylgja's House is the home of Sylgja in the town of Shor's Stone in The Rift. Outside of the house is a campfire, which the fellow miners sit around late at night. The campfire also has a cooking place, which is where Sylgja cooks meals for the miners.

Furnishings[edit | edit source]

As you enter the house, you will be faced with a small fire with three goat horn lamps resting atop a mantelpiece above the fire. There is also a cooking pot stationed to the right of the fire. To the left of the entrance are several piles of unobtainable firewood, 2 operable barrels (and 2 inoperable barrels) and a goat cheese wheel stationed atop the barrel closest to the fire. Just to the right of the cooking pot is a kettle and a table with several cooking ingredients on, including leek, cabbage, bread, seared slaughterfish, pine thrush egg and garlic, as well as a wooden bowl, two wooden plates and a bucket.

Moving to the right again is a pile of baskets and then a shelf with wine, books, tankards, buckets and baskets on it. There is also a table here with several cooking ingredients, alcoholic beverages and cooking utensils. A chest stationed on top of a dresser can also be found here. With Hearthfire installed, some dresses and tunics can be found inside this chest.

Moving towards the bed, there are several more containers including an end table, two barrels and a wardrobe. There is also a table with two tankards and two Nord Meads. Along with several inoperable barrels and two end tables (one with a levelled potion on top) lays a bed with a chest at the end. This chest can include levelled potions and a small sum of gold.

Storage[edit | edit source]

  • 4x barrels
  • 1x cupboard
  • 1x dresser
  • 2x chests
  • 1x wardrobe
  • 3x end tables

Amenities[edit | edit source]

  • Cooking Pot
  • Bed

Characters[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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