"I love you. Try to remember that, in the days and years to come. That in the end I did right by you"
―Taig's farewell to Annaïg, before departing to Leyawiin[src]

Taig Hoïnart is the father of Annaïg Hoïnart. He was a Breton politician of the Imperial Legion in Lilmoth, but after the An-Xileel overthrew the Imperial government, he served as an advisor to An-Xileel. After his wife's death, he became an alcoholic. He most likely died in 4E 48, when Lilmoth was attacked by Umbriel.


Taig had thinning gray hair. He had changed a lot since his wife had died and the Empire had been driven out from Black Marsh.


Umbriel CrisisEdit

Taig heard from Urvwen about the flying city. Annaïg asked her father what the city Hist had said, and he answered that the Hist had said it was nothing to worry about. However, it was evident that Taig was worried. He proposed Annaïg to take a boat to Leyawiin and live with her aunt. He only had money for a person, so neither him nor Glim would be able to accompany her.[1]

When Taig came back from work that night, he revealed Annaïg that he had sold their house. She would now be able to study in the Imperial City. Annaïg refused to leave Lilmoth and Glim, but Taig had hired some men to take Annaïg to the ship that would take her to Leyawiin.[2]

Umbriel arrived at Lilmoth after Annaïg's departure, killing all its citizens and reanimating them as zombies.



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