General Talin Warhaft served as the General of the Imperial Legion[1] and the personal bodyguard to Emperor Uriel Septim VII in the Third Era.


The Emperor & the General came back from Oblivion

Emperor Uriel Septim VII (left) & General Warhaft (right) getting rescued from Oblivion thanks to the Eternal Champion.

During the Imperial Simulacrum, Jagar Tharn not only banished the Emperor to Oblivion, he also sent General Warhaft there as well.[1]

When the Eternal Champion defeated Tharn, not only did Emperor Uriel Septim VII come back from Oblivion, but General Warhaft came back as well. After the Emperor thanked The Eternal Champion for rescuing him, Warhaft enters interrupts the Emperor:

"It seems, [character name], that I am quite in the way. Not only have you managed to save the Emperor, but my life as well. I cannot be but proud of one who has truly earned such renown, and my deepest respect..."
―Talin Warhaft[src]

Warhaft's future past Arena is unknown.



  • Both the Manual of Arms and the Manual of Armor were commissioned by Warhaft to serve as a guide and manuals for Imperial officers.
  • In Arena's manual book, the Eternal Champion is known as Talin, but in the game's introductory slides, General Warhaft is simply referred to as Talin.
  • General Warhaft only appeared in the ending sequence of the floppy disc/freeware version of Arena, he didn't appear in the CD-ROM version.
  • An unused scroll screen in Arena suggests an alternate beginning where the player is soon to be "a full member of the royal household" with Talin as a mentor of sorts.



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