"The sword can be obtained only thru his death or the pick pocket perk" ? This is partly wrong due to the fact that he is un-killable, therefore the only way of obtaining his sword is with misdirection, or am i missing a choice you get thru the questline ? (He is unkillable on a compleated dawngaurd and vampire save)

Blades Sword or similar design?

I notice the page for this weapon describes it as a variation of the Blades Sword, but would it not be more accurate to say that both it and the Blades sword share a common design? I believe both these swords are probably Imperial copies of the swords the Akaviri Dragonguard wore when they invaded Tamriel. The Blades and the Ancestor Moth Priests probably each have their own sword smiths, and the design of the hilt is actually just a bit different as you can see under close inspection. I wouldn't personally call this a Blades sword, but a similar cousin to the Blades Sword. I guess from an entirely gameplay mechanic perspective it's sufficient, but I felt that needed to be discussed. {Pilaf The Defiler, 00:42, September 8, 2012}

As far as gameplay, they are functionally indentical in all but name and in game IDs. Even the models and textures look the same as far as the pictures given. Lorewise, I would think that the Akaviri sword would be a sword actually made by an Akaviri smith and the Blades Sword would be a sword created in the style of the Akaviri as part of the Blades tradition. This subtle distinction is probably not necessary in the scope of this page, though you make a perfectly valid point. FinaLLancer (talk) 04:31, December 3, 2012 (UTC)

This sword first appeared in Oblivion during the escape from the prison, with the emperor. The blade guild master goes down if you retrieved his sword it was the Akaviri, you could later return it to the blades at their head quarters.~~Malkier77~~

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