The dremora does not seem to be leveled ( equalized to character level, etc).   The main page has a lot of how-to for killing it but it fell in like 2 hits for me at level 40.   It may be excessively difficult for a lower level character that has somehow reached high conjuration and nothing else (??).   At a guess it might have 500 health tops and seemed to be about on par with a draghr deathlord for difficulty. 12:14, March 16, 2015 (UTC) JB

Stuck in Ethereal mode or something? Edit

I finished the quest n all, only when I try to kill/banish the Unbound Dremora for the last time he doesn’t die. In fact, he can’t take any damage at all; I can’t even hit him. I can press talk to him but he doesn’t say anything, & if I swing my sword at him or cast spells at him its as if he isn’t there. He’s been around for days & never went away. Occasionally he walks inside the Hall of Attainment & says the usual dremora lines like “I smell weakness,” but he always goes back outside & basically does nothing. He hasn’t caused any game-breaking problems, he just won’t go away. Has anyone else encountered this/knows a fix? I’d reload a previous save but I did the Conjuration Ritual Spell quest several hours earlier in the game, so I’d lose...a lot of stuff, if I wanted to get rid of him. Krovopïyca (talk) 21:57, November 25, 2016 (UTC)

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