Thank you for helping with adding the links! I was going to come back to that, but y'all saved me the trouble.

I did not list the books because I didn't find anything that would give a skill up - if anyone finds different, please add it.

~ Trip 06:56, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

No problemo. Always glad to help. I'll update if I find a skill book, but honestly, I didn't even know this location existed. I'm still in Act 1. Everytime I come here for info, I get sucked in for four hours straight. --Deyvid Petteys 07:05, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

Player home[edit source]

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Drelas Cottage can be made into a player home on PC by typing the following commands:

player.SetCellOwnership DrelasCottage01 (Set player as the owner of all the containers and items)
SetZoneRespawns E66AC 0 (Disable the respawn zone "DrelasCottage", this is what is resetting everything)
SetZoneRespawns F90B1 1 (Enables the respawn zone "NoRespawnZone" which is used in player house cells)
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