I am a noob and I didnt know that I could exploit Faendel's archery training by taking the money back up to 5 times. I allowed him to walk away and he said he would go back to his house. I went back to his house recently and he is not there. Is it possible to find him once you allowed him to leave?

Faendal's House Glitch Edit

I recently started the love triangle quest by first talking to Faendal, then telling Sven about the letter, and finally telling Camilla the truth about Sven's resulting letter. I went to Faendal's house to tell him the good news, and when I entered, I found the left half of the house's walls did not load (the furniture floated in a blue starry void) and items were falling in a loop to the bottom of the cell and back again. Has this happened to anyone else when first entering his house? I'm playing the Xbox version. ( 03:22, June 5, 2012 (UTC))

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