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why Is this guy in the middle of nowhere???

It seems to be some kind of bug with him.
it's where the imperial camp is after battle for whiterun on the stormcloak side
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I was bored and followed a Legion Courier from way up North near Saarthal, protecting him from bears and Stormcloaks and whatnot. After LONG time he ended up at those standing stones near Legate Cipius, warming his hands over a fire that wasn't there. They didn't say anything, just stood there in silence. Weird, like some kind of top secret nightime rendezvous.

Possible bug fixEdit

PC: I think I may have solved the "cannot speak to Cipius after giving the Jarl his axe back" bug. The problem is it is not technically a bug. I was doing some digging around through fix options and people kept saying they would wait a while and it would go away. I also noticed all the guards said the same phrase the Legate said, "Wait, i know you." So, i checked my bounties in "Crimes" under "General Stats". Sure enough, there was a tiny bounty for 125 in Whiterun. It seems to be enough it triggers the guards' suspicions, but does not trigger them attempting to arrest you. So, for PC users here's the console fix.

Open the console:

Type: player.setcrimegold 0 000267EA

0 = the bounty amount on you

000267EA = the area code for Whiterun.

I punched this into the console, went up to Legate Cipius and hey-presto, mission completed and next mission to go to the wall launched. Kleinnak (talk) 19:56, October 8, 2014 (UTC)Kleinnak

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