Has anyone done any experiments to determine the date/ time / moon phase to forge the lunar steel?

If so can you post results here?DLanyon (talk) 03:19, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

It's not a rumor Edit

Its a few weeks ago and it was one of the first locations for for me in this game, so i didn't notice at this time that its maybe important what happend to me there. The Last sentence says that there are rumors about the two moons and forging moonsteel weapons. That is definitely NOT a rumor for me, this has happened to me. The two moons where high in the sky, no clouds at all and the forge began to glow. And yes, i was able to build the moonsteel weapons. Later i tried to do that again, but in all of my 160 Hours of gameplay i never had two moons seen again, that is so said.... 00:29, December 5, 2011 (UTC)

Moved Discussion from Main PageEdit

this appears to be false, and thus the only way to acquire the forge's enchantment is to disenchant one of the Lunar weapons surrounding it in any Arcane Enchanter instead of forging a weapon with the moons out as the book describes.

UPDATE: the forge only works when both moons are out and the time is around midnight.

This seems to be false. Tested forging at midnight of 27th Frostfall when both of the moons were full. The results were normal steel weapons.

Update: Tested it both before and after midnight, both moons were out and very close to each other, steel weapons so far, however, it is claimed the moons appear "larger" than normal and/or the forge will "glow" when it has been claimed to work, haven't confirmed this.

UPDATE: Noticed that sometimes the sky succumbs to an aurora borealis like effect. May explain the difference in buffs in the book (life steal) and on the weapons (flame damage) as there are 3 types (see Aurora_(Skyrim)). Tried this, date of aurora is random, and does not cause two moons.

Read someone claims on the 15th of every month at night under the 2 moons you get the effect.

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