Easiest way to kill them![edit source]

I found that the easiest way to kill them was Call Dragon shout.

-American Kuddy

How so?

DominatedSquash (talk) 06:42, July 12, 2012 (UTC)DominatedSquash

Just die! My advice[edit source]

Ok on my first play on my main I had done the college last and I forget what level I was but my god my tip if you are a sneak build do this early in the game my glass dagger took forever to kill them the staff was a joke vs them luckly I had a glass sword on me for that kind of problem but still I was there for like 5 min fighting them. If you have thee perk shadow warrior that will be helpful but if not bring something that will kill quickly as the hp on them is not right. I killed draggons quicker, and I bet I still can't 1 shot them but dragons come at me. Also can someone make  a heath chart for them.

GruffKibbles89 (talk) 18:13, March 22, 2018 (UTC)

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