Spiders returning to the mine

After I cleared Redbelly Mine of frostbite spiders some days back, I returned to the mine just now. It is full of spiders once again, and the miners in there don't stand a chance (they have no armor, only the ragged miner clothes and their pickaxes). I tried to tag along and kill the spiders, and after killing two of them a notice popped up saying "Return to Filjnar" which was really odd. I had to load an autosave because I didn't want all the people in the mine to die. Is this a bug or are the spiders supposed to come back? It seems quite strange to me. 01:54, December 21, 2011 (UTC)

Spiders returning solution Edit

In response to the other post regarding the spiders returning to the mine, happened to me too. What to do is to make sure you have full stamina before entering, then run straight for the Orc guy, first right, as he wil die very quickly. Power attack it a few times and you should be good. The other two spiders on the bridge should ignore Sylgjia, kill them then jump right down to the bottem and kill the last two. All three miners should still be alive. And i also got the 'Return To Filnjar' marker, i was confused as i was almost certain i had told him i had cleared the mine out before-hand, nonetheless i told him and got a good 1000 gold into the bargain, not sure if i forgot to tell him and the spiders returned. Not confirmed if they stop appearing 100%, will need to check again.

@Quests for Redbelly mine Edit

I do not remember about this quest and will not be able to play to check (nor would I be able to as I already completed the quest on one player and the other is half way accross skyrim.) but isnt there a quest given in Riften to collect an ore sample from red belly mine and return it to the alchemist? I wasn't sure and I don't want to put possible facts in. Mask2697 (talk) 22:07, January 30, 2012 (UTC)mask2697

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