Magic damage or Magicka damage Edit

The in-game description is ambiguous: the stone says that it makes you more susceptible to Magicka damage, but once you use it, the negative effect listed in active effects reads "Twice as vulnerable to magic." Which one is true? Mitranim (talk) 08:48, January 7, 2012 (UTC)

real effect seems to be +100% magicka regen and -100% Magic resistance. EG: This means a fire attack from an enemy that would normally deal 20 damage to you (without the stone), with this stones effect, no resistance items and no resistance perks/abilities, will deal 40 instead.
This can be partially offset with elemental resistance items/skills/perks or magic resistance items/skills/perks. A breton will only get -75% magic penalty, due to their natural +25% magic resistance.

In conjunction with Ring of the EruditeEdit

I personally have not attempted this because I don't have a character that has sided with the Volkihar faction in the Dawnguard expansion, but I was wondering if anyone has, who also has the Ring of the Erudite would see how fast magicka regeneration is when these two are combined. I have noticed that the Royal Vamp Armor which adds 100% and the Apprentice which adds another 100% makes magicka regen like crazy but i was thinking since the Ring of the Erudite doesn't have a listed effect on the magicka regen, it must be a crazy combo, and thats while only wearing one ring and using the stone. 05:57, August 14, 2013 (UTC)

I did a small test on the Ring talk page a while back (Talk:Ring_of_the_Erudite) - and it looked like 100% regen - but the game data says the following: "Fortify Magicka, 100 pts; Regenerate Magicka, 2 pts".
Jimeee (talk) 09:57, August 14, 2013 (UTC)
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