Follower Viranus and Nonwyl Edit

Do not go there. Not if you want him as a follower. I took the follower with the face of a dumpling out for a spin. Through Oblivion. Through several quests...Ok, more than a spin. He wore weightless bound armor...He even wore bound light armor gauntlets and boots. He carried a two-handed bound sword and used it well. He had a tendency to fall over and take a little rest every once in awhile, but he worked fine. Well, in fact. Finally, I took him to Nonwyl caverns. What the hell, it's time to go do things on my own again. We took one step out of the caverns and he lost his cuirass. It was broken and I replaced it with a new one which I'd given him before so it had a "stolen" icon on it. He wouldn't put it on. I reloaded and gave him a non stolen one... he wouldn't put it on. I took him twice around Chorrol; in numerous fights he wouldn't put it on. I dropped off a Man At Arms at Battlehorn thinking it was interfering with his AI. More fights, but he still was insistent on the shirtless look. I took one step inside Chorrol having resolved to bring him home to mama looking like a male stripper...Lo and behold, as soon as he stepped inside the gates he put on the Cuirass. It seems to me as though there is a code to make him useless to you as soon as you leave Nonwyl.VvAnarchangelvV (talk)

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