Actually a good weapon?

I'm a high level Orc with the Armsman perk on 5/5, all the enchanting perks and smithing perks, I enchanted a lot of apparel with smithing and drank a Blacksmith's Elixer, enchanted the sword while intoxicated on Enchanter's Elixer, and also enchanted my Gauntlets, Boots and Ring with 45% more one handed damage, and with all of this combined my Wooden Sword (Legendary) (Which I renamed Morning Wood (Legendary)) now does a whopping 117 damage and 35 points of fire and frost damage. I overpowered myself with genius perks, well performed smithing and enchanting and now i'm practically invincible, (With 1263 armor and a stupidly effective shield) even on Master difficulty (on console, waiting for Legendary). This Morning Wood is now my favourite weapon, as said in the Combat stats, and i've been slaying skeevers and dragons with it ever since Hearthfire arrived. 02:04, April 5, 2013 (UTC)Anonymous

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