Talking Stone Camp is a Giant Camp in Hjaalmarch, southwest of the town of Morthal.

A massive bonfire at Hjaalmarch's southernmost tip signals the camp of two giants. Mammoths roam the lower portion of the hill, shepherded by one giant, while the other can be found near the campfire up top.

Bandit raidsEdit

The group of bandits inhabiting Orotheim mount frequent raids on the camp in an attempt to kill a mammoth for food.[1] If the Dragonborn dispatches all of the bandits at Orotheim, it ends their raids, and allows the giants to lead their mammoths to the nearby stream, which they do every few hours.

Notable itemsEdit

  • Two chests containing leveled loot. One in the camp and one in the cove by the waterfall. One is locked (apprentice) and the other is unlocked.






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