Talos Cult Shrine

Talos Cult Shrine

The Talos Cult is a highly radical cult in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Known members include a total of four soldiers in the Imperial Legion, in the Gnisis Imperial Barracks.

Their plan was to assassinate Uriel Septim VII, who was to visit Morrowind at the time, and install one of his sons on the throne instead, believing as they did that "The blood of the Septims runs thicker in his sons."[1]

General Darius, the Imperial Legion commander, is aware that there is such a plot and tasks the Nerevarine to track down this threat and stop it, which the Nerevarine subsequently does. The only known members of this cult (to date) are those members and, as they only appear in the one quest in the game, they are not a joinable faction.




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