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Talos Cult Conspiracy is a quest that can be obtained from Darius in the Madach Tradehouse, within Gnisis.

Background[edit | edit source]

Darius suspects a conspiracy in his ranks connected with the Talos Cult. He orders the Nerevarine to find proof of the existence of such a conspiracy.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. The quest will start when the Nerevarine asks Darius for orders after completion of the quest "Rescue Madura Seran."
  2. By talking to another Imperial soldier the Nerevarine will be directed to Oritius Maro.
  3. The key to the shrine in the cellar of Gnisis Barracks can be obtained from Oritius Maro.
  4. The Note from Oritius Maro confirming the conspiracy is located in a small chest in the cellar. Taking it will trigger both Arius Rulician and Oritius Maro to attack.
  5. Talking with Darius ends the quest.
    • If the Nerevarine returns to Darius without killing Arius Rulician and Oritius Maro, he will be sent back to do so.

Detailed walkthrough[edit | edit source]

"Ok, ok. Look, I'm not into it, but I know someone who is, Ortius Maro. That's all I'm saying."
―Imperial soldiers in the Gnisis Barracks[src]

Darius suggests to ask the Nerevarines fellow soldiers for more information, provided that the Nerevarine is friendly enough with his counterpart. By doing so, he will be directed to Oritius Maro in the Gnisis Barracks. Alternatively, the Nerevarine can head directly to Oritius Maro. If Orititius Maro likes the Nerevarine enough, he will give the opportunity to join the Talos Cult. If the Nerevarine accepts, he will get the key to the shrine in the cellar of the Gnisis Barracks. Also, Oritius Maro prompts the Nerevarine to talk to Arius Rulician. The Nerevarine could also try to pickpocket the key from Oritius Maro or lockpick the level 75 lock.

Down in the cellar, the Nerevarine can either talk to Arius Rulician or proceed straight away. Either way, he will need to pick the lock of the small chest which contains the note from Oritius Maro. Arius Rulician will attack as soon as the Nerevarine is in possession of the note, regardless whether he was successfully sneaking beforehand. When reentering the main room of the barracks, Oritius Maro, too, will attack the Nerevarine. The quest will be completed upon the returning of the Nerevarine to Darius. The Note from Oritius Maro serves as proof of the attempted conspiracy against the Emperor. If the Nerevarine escapes the Gnisis Barracks without killing both culprits, he will be sent back by Darius to kill them in punishment of their crime. The quest ends when he successfully kills both of them and reports back to Darius.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Journal Entry
Darius suspects that some of the troops involved with the Talos Cult are involved in some sort of conspiracy. Darius asked me to find proof of this conspiracy.
  • Quest accepted
I've spoken to Oritius Maro, and it appears he is a member of the Talos Cult. He has given me a key to a shrine in the basement, and told me to speak to Arius Rulician.
Arius Rulician has welcomed me into the shrine, and allowed me to look around. He says the cult has "plans", and that they are always looking for those who have similar beliefs.
Darius thanked me for bringing him proof of his troops' treasonous plans and for enacting justice upon them.
  • Quest completed

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