"I regret the day I ever involved myself with these Red Rook bastards. By the eights, this ends here."
―Tamien Sellan[src]

Tamien Sellan is a Breton residing in Eagle's Brook and Crosswych, Glenumbra. He is an ex-Red Rook bandit and now just wants to save both Eagle's Brook, Crosswych, and his father, Merien Sellan.

He is later encountered in the ruins of Salas En, where he is working alongside Lady Clarisse Laurent and her assistant Stibbons.


The White Mask of MerienEdit

Tamien, an ex-Red Rook bandit, claims he wants to save the town of Eagle's Brook. The Lion Guard, however, don't trust him. Tamien says the Bloodthorns are turning townsfolk into zombies. He wants the Vestige's help to prepare a spell to protect the villagers.

Cutting Off the SourceEdit

The Vestige cast Merien's White Mask, a spell to hide the villages from the Bloodthorn invaders. Now Merien wants the help from them to stop the Bloodthorn activity in Eagle's Brook.

Legitimate InterestsEdit

The Red Rook Bandits have taken control of the town Crosswych. Some of the townsfolk are trying to organize a resistance, but the bandits are determined to use the town as a base.

The Miner's LamentEdit

The Red Rooks have taken over the Crosswych Mine, turning the miners into slaves. Further, anyone who resists them are sent into the mines as prisoners.

Crosswych ReclaimedEdit

Tamien Sellan says the Crosswych resistance has gained enough momentum. It's time to deal with the Red Rooks' leader, Sternis Gelves himself. The Vestige needs to enter the mayor's house, find Gelves and kill him.

Lady Laurent's FavorEdit


Show: Legitimate Interests

"I regret the day I ever involved myself with these Red Rook bastards. By the Eight, this ends here!"

I'm here to help the resistance. "We could use the help. These damned Red Rooks! They destroyed my town and now they're trying to take over Crosswych. I made a vow. I will have my revenge. I'm going to rally the people of Crosswych to take back their town."

What do you need me to do? "The townsfolk are scared. If they stick their necks out, they end up as slaves in the mines. Or worse. We need the support of the town council. The few that haven't been dragged off to the mines need to show the people how to stand up to these curs."
I'll talk to the councilors. "We need the support of the town council. Without them, the rest of the townsfolk will be too afraid to fight back."
Can I ask a few questions? "Of course. I'll answer what I can."
Any idea who's in charge of these bandits? "Sternis Gelves. He's the real threat. Without him, the Red Rooks are just disorganized thugs looking for pockets to pick and purses to snatch. It was his idea to take over Crosswych. He's building an empire here."
Which councilors should I talk to? "The most prominent of the remaining councilors are Councilors Virgile, Donella, and Theodore. Look for them around town and convince them to help us or we're finished before we even get started."
How are things in Eagle's Brook now? "About what you'd expect. It weights on me. That's why I made my way to Crosswych. I think I can help the people here."
After all the councilors have been convinced to join the resistance:

"I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the people have begun to rally around the idea of resisting the Red Rooks. The bad news is the Red Rooks have taken notice."

The councilors support the resistance. "This is just the thing we need to inspire the people. Now the resistance can get to work on getting rid of the Red Rooks."

Show: The Miner's Lament

"Anyone who stands up to Sternis Gelves ends up in the Crosswych mines. He works his prisoners to death down there. We need to close the mines and take that resource away from the Red Rooks."

Tell me about the mines. "The Red Rooks took control of the mines when they arrived. They work the miners night and day. And they also use the mines as a prison for anyone who causes trouble. Councilor Lia, Smith Suriel, and Len the Innkeeper were all sent into the mines."

Do you want me to get them out of there? "That would be perfect! If you can free Len, Suriel, and Councilor Lia, the entire town will gain confidence. Let them know we're organizing. Maybe help some of the miners, as well. Then meet me behind the inn when you're finished."
I can do that. "Talk to any miners you can get close to without arousing suspicion. Let them know we're organizing. Or just kill the Red Rooks in the mine. The miners will try to escape if you clear a path for them."
I'll do what I can to help the mines. "Your actions will raise the town's morale, I'm sure of it. I heard you spoke to Marent Ergend. That means we'll soon have more strong hands to help us oust these black-hearted rogues."
After miners have been rescued:

"I've heard your praises from a number of rescued miners. Well done."

I also killed Foreman Blaise. "Blaise? Dead? That's good news. I've sent some miners to Councilor Virgile to recover. As soon as they're able, they'll return to the mine and clear out the rest of the Red Rooks. Well done, my friend."

Show: Crosswych Reclaimed

"It's time. The people of Crosswych have taken up arms and are ready to retake their town. But first, Sternis Gelves must die."

Where is Sternis Gelves? "He's taken over the mayor's house. Since the resistance started, he never leaves the place. You'll have to fight through his personal guards to reach him. Fortunately, you'll have some help, if you want."

What do you mean? "The resistance has grown, thanks to you. If you want help, use this whistle in front of the mayor's house. Anyone nearby will come to help. Find me when Gelves is finished. Meanwhile, we'll start removing the Rooks out here. We've got them on edge."
I'll go find Gelves.
After Sternis Gelves has been killed:

"Thanks to your efforts, order and peace are restored. Crosswych will be back to normal in no time."

Sternis Gelves is dead. "At last, Sternis Gelves has paid for his crimes against Crosswych, Eagle's Brook, and my family."


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