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The '''Tang Mo''', also known as the "monkey people," are the inhabitants of The Thousand Monkey Isles.
'''Tang Mo''' means "Thousand Monkey Isles" in [[Akaviri]]. It is also the name that the inhabitants of this land use to refer to themselves.
Little is known of them, except that the term "Tang Mo" translates as "Thousand Monkey Isles" in [[Akaviri]], referring to the area that they live in, and the name they use to refer to themselves. There are various breeds of Tang Mo, all of which known to be very brave, simple, and believed to be insane.
Over the eras, the Tang Mo have had to defend their nation from slavery attempts from all of the other nations of [[Akavir]], especially from the [[Kamal]].
[[File:The_elder_scrolls_Tang_mo.jpg|thumb|Art of the Tang Mo of Akaviri]]
The Monkey People of Tang Mo are described as being [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simian Simian] like. The Tang Mo have had to defend their nation over the eras from all of the other nations of [[Akavir]], specifically from the snow demons "[[Kamal]]". It is believed that the Tang Mo have created an alliance with the [[Ka'Po'Tun]].
Recently, however, the Tang Mo have created an alliance with the [[Ka Po' Tun]].<ref name="akavir"> ''[[Mysterious Akavir]]''</ref>
== References ==
"''[[Mysterious Akavir]]''"
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