Tanglehaven is a village that is located in the region of Malabal Tor, Valenwood. It is led by Treethane Dailithil. It is well known for its superior fletchers.[1]

Tanglehaven is a collection of small graht-oak huts, many of which are now shells as a result of a recent raid from the Drublog Clan of Wood Orcs. The Treethane's daughter, Firwin, and the village's militia made a deal with her father, Thulendor, who was corrupted by an aspect of Hircine. In exchange for ending the raid, Firwin sacrificed herself to Hircine, thus becoming a werewolf. As for the village's militia, they were burnt to death.

Shortly after the raid, Thulendor infected Dailithil, who was cured from becoming a werewolf by drinking the blood of Thulendor's heart.


A Father's PromiseEdit





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