The Tanning Rack is a crafting station found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Tanning racks are used to make leather and leather strips, which are in turn used to craft armor and weapons, and are crucial materials for smithing items from scratch. Tanning does not increase the Smithing skill.

Pelt acquisitionEdit

Animal pelts for creating leather can be taken from dead animals such as wolves, deer and bears, or purchased from hunters roaming the wilds and also some town vendors.



Balimund using a Tanning Rack.

List of hidesEdit

Pelt Type Weight WeightIcon Value GoldIcon Quantity Leather Produced ItemID
Bear Pelt 3 50 1 4 0003AD52
Cave Bear Pelt 3 60 1


Cow Hide 2 10 1 3 0003AD8F
Deer Hide (Deer) 2 10 1 2 000D284D
Deer Hide (Elk) 2 10 1 2 0003AD90
Fox Pelt 0.5 5 1 1 000D4B35
Goat Hide 1 5 2 1 0003AD8E
Horse Hide 2 15 1 3 0003AD93
Ice Wolf Pelt 1 15 1 1 0003AD75
Sabre Cat Pelt 2 25 1 4 0003AD6D
Sabre Cat Snow Pelt 2 40 1 4 0003AD6E
Snow Bear Pelt 3 75 1 4 0003AD54
Snow Fox Pelt 0.5 7 1 1 000D4BE7
Vale Deer Hide DG 2 10 1 2 xx011999
Vale Sabre Cat Hide DG 2 10 1 4 xx01199A
Werewolf Pelt DG 5 20 1 N/A 000FE6A9
Wolf Pelt 1 10 1 1 0003AD74


  • The starting animation of using a tanning rack always shows the Dragonborn using an iron dagger, no matter what weapon they are wielding.
  • The value of the leather produced from some hides is less than the value of the hides themselves.
  • The weight of the leather produced from some hides is more than the weight of the original hide.


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