"If you were more pious, perhaps I would listen to you. I doubt you have even read 'Saryoni's Sermons'."
―Tanusea Veloth[src]

Tanusea Veloth is a Dunmer Pilgrim who resides in Vivec City in upper level of Arena Canton. She has been infected with Corprus disease but does not show any symptoms because of a blessing by Almalexia. She is considered a holy pilgrim and stands in high regard of the people of Vivec City


Disease CarrierEdit

As a member of the temple the Nerevarine must convince Tanusea Veloth to go to the Corprusarium to avoid infecting other people.


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  • Killing Tanusea and searching her corpse has a small chance of giving the player Corprus. This cannot be cured even by Divayth Fyr, as they were only supposed to have contracted it from Dagoth Gares, effectively breaking the main quest storyline.


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