Tarlain Heights is a region located in the dark-green forests of Grahtwood region of Valenwood. The De Facto Capital of the region is the Redfur Trading Post, which is located on the northern roads of Tarlain. The Trading Post is owned by the Grahtwood Chapter of the Baandari Clan of Traders.



The Tarlain Heights are located towards the center of Valenwood, and it is close to the borders of Greenshade and Malabal Tor. The Tarlain Heights forest is way above sea level as the city of Gil-Var-Delle is located on cliffs that are well above the Long Coast beaches. The region is bordered by the Green Hall area to the east and the Long Coast region to the south. It also borders the Wilderking Court region to the west and the Xylo River Basin region in the north. Tarlain hosts the most Graht-Oak trees in Valenwood with the only ones being Gil-Var-Delle and Falinesti.


Second Era

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From the Pits of Coldharbour; Gil-Var-Delle's Demise

In 1E 2920, King Dro'Zel of Senchal summoned Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince of Domination to destroy the illustrious city of Gil-Var-Delle in the Southern Tarlain Heights for hearing an upsetting tale from a Bard that was from Gil-Var-Delle. Molag Bal appeared up front in town and burned the city to smithereens. By 2E 582, Gil-Var-Delle was nothing but Deadlands that vaguely resembled a grove. The aftermath of the destruction resulted in a pact between Sotha Sil and the other Daedric Princes were the must not interfere in Mortal Lives. This would later be broken in 2E 583 when Clavicus Vile and Barbas caused trouble on Vvardenfell and the Clockwork City.[1][2][3]

Trapped in Ruins of Frost; The Falinesti Winter Site

During the Interregnum in 2E 582, the First Aldmeri Dominion made a campaign to unite the provinces of Valenwood, Elsweyr, and the Summerset Isles in an attempt to establish an Elven Empire at the Seat of Sundered Kings under Queen Ayrenn. After ending a civil war in Auridon, Queen Ayrenn and her Dominion traveled to Grahtwood to further prove her worthiness to the people of Valenwood and Elsweyr. She needed an operator to control the Orrery in Elden Root, a divine spark to give it the energy it needs, and an Ayleid source of power to give the Orrery life.[4]

The Divine Spark need was said to be located in the Tarlain Heights in the Falinesti Winter Site, the city of Falinesti had disappeared long ago, and the Falinesti Faithful has honored the site as a holy place. General Endare of the Jade Dragoons was sent along with her militia to find the Divine Spark known as Rajhin's Mantle in the Winter Site. Endare was known for her ruthless and the Massacre of Cormount, so during her visit, she was an overall bully to the Falinesti Faithful. Ayrenn sent her prized warrior, a traveler known as the Vestige, to also gather the necessities as well, both the Vestige and Endare arrived into Falinesti relatively at the same time. The Vestige learns about the story of Nairume and Rajhin and the ruins underneath. Endare had already entered the ruins and the Vestige followed suite, with the help of Nairume's spirit, the traveler found Endare and Rajhin's Mantle. Endare then became possessed by the Mantle and attacked the Vestige, the Vestige killed Endare and earned the Mantle. The Vestige left Falinesti with one of the pieces need to use the Orrery.[5][6]

Third Era

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Tarlain Heights during the Imperial Simulacrum

During the Imperial Simulacrum in 3E 399, the Tarlain Heights Township in Valenwood in between the towns of Greenheart, Archen Cormount, and Stonesquare. At one point, the Eternal Champion had visited the town in their quest for a piece of the Staff of Chaos to defeat Jagar Tharn at the Imperial Palace.[7]







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