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Taxes from Gnisis is a House Redoran quest available to the Nerevarine during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


  1. Speak to Hlaren Ramoran.
  2. Head to Gnisis.
  3. Return to Ramoran


Having solved the issues caused by the Mad Lord of Milk, Athyn Sarethi will inform the Nerevarine that, in order to continue advancing through the ranks of House Redoran, they must obtain the support of the other councilors within the House. He therefore gives the Nerevarine the Red Book of 3E 426 and a short analysis of each councilor. One councilor in particular, Hlaren Ramoran, will have a task that he is eager to see completed.

Abelmawia's Tax[]

Ramoran will inform the Nerevarine that Redoran's accounts have a hole in them, originating from the lack of taxes being paid from Gnisis. He therefore tasks the Nerevarine with returning the money owed to the House by Hetman Abelmawia.

As it turns out, Abelmawia is more than happy to pay his debts to the House, handing the Nerevarine the full amount (60 Gold). With money in hand, the Nerevarine must return to Ramoran with the money, completing the quest and garnering his future support.


Taxes from Gnisis – HR_TaxCollector
ID Journal Entry
10 Hlaren Ramoran asked me to collect the taxes from Hetman Abelmawia in Gnisis.
  • Quest accepted
50 Hetman Abelmawia gave me the taxes from Gnisis.
70 I tried to give only 50 gold to Hlaren Ramoran, and he has refused to support me on the Council.
100 I delivered the taxes to Hlaren Ramoran.
  • Quest complete


  • The Nerevarine can try to cheat Ramoran by only giving him 50 Gold.
    • The Nerevarine won't be successful and Ramoran will refuse to support the Nerevarine, preventing further progression through Redoran.