Taxonomy of Obsession is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles.


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Talk to any inhabitant of Highcross to find out that Mirili is conducting some sort of research. She can be found walking around town or in her house. She is a Dunmer wearing blue robes and a ponytail. When spoken to, she will tell the Hero that she is making a Taxonomy for everything on the Shivering Isles.

Answer "Fascinating. Tell me more.", and she will give the Hero a rude reply. Get her disposition up to 60 or more and she will employ them as her helper. She will give a list of things for them to collect and demands that one must also tell her where one found them. This last detail is just plain talk since there is no need to do so. She is practically asking for almost all ingredients on the Isles but will give a little GoldIcon for each one.

Once they have brought her a number of the ingredients she will then start asking for help capturing creatures, starting with a Baliwog; then an Elytra, next a Gnarl; and a Scalon. To help, she will offer a few select command beast spells, based on ones Illusion skill.

Ingredients and locations

Here are the list of ingredients one need and their locations. Locations still pending. Beware, she will not accept stolen items.


  • Many of the ingredients needed can be located in the two gardens and the royal throne room in Sheogorath's palace.
  • If for whatever reason, one does not want to complete the quest, one can simply kill Mirili Ulven to end the quest.
  • Some of the items needed can be found on A Strange Door before entering the isles, if one plan on doing the quest just grab these beforehand.


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  • For some reason, if Mirili goes into her house to fetch the reward money, she may become stuck, forgetting to go outside and refusing to acknowledge when the Hero has brought her any new alchemical samples or animal specimens to examine. The quest can be continued simply by attacking her and going outside, as she will follow the Hero outside. A high disposition with her is recommended, as otherwise she will not stop attacking the Hero if they yield until they have paid off the small bounty they have obtained for assaulting her.
  • For some reason, if one brings a baliwog outside of her house and waits until she is out, she may simply run away from the baliwog, if it is hostile.
    • Fix: paralyze Mirili and let the baliwog get close to her. When she is unparalyzed she may paralyze it, if not paralyze her again until she does. This will however, garner a small bounty for assault.

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