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[[Category:Skyrim: Males]]

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"Teeba-Ei the hatchling never imagined working a mine in this cold place. Greater things were dreamt of."

Teeba-Ei is a brown-skinned male Argonian miner and a resident of Stonehills, a small mining encampment, and works in the nearby Rockwallow Mine.


Teeba-Ei often remarks that he never imagined himself to be a miner, and doesn't believe he should be wasting his life inside the cold, isolated mine.

Civil War

If the Dragonborn sides with the Stormcloaks in the Civil War, Teeba-Ei will relocate to Highmoon Hall, serving as housecarl to his former employer, Jarl Sorli the Builder. If this occurs, Teeba-Ei becomes arguably the highest-ranking Argonian in the entire province of Skyrim. However, he still mentions how he had never imagined himself in Skyrim.


  • He will occasionally appear at your wedding having never met him, for whatever reason.
  • Sometimes Teeba-Ei will stand directly on top of Jarl Sorli the Builder's lap, and she will stare up at him, and him down at her. He will stay there until you bump into him, or leave.


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