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Tel Vos is a location in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Historically, this location was built sometime after the events of the Planemeld.[1]


Tel Vos is a castle that has been overgrown by a giant mushroom, which serves as chambers to the wizard and councilor Master Aryon, they can only be accessed by levitation. The Castle, itself, is a stronghold of the Telvanni. It may also serve as an Imperial fort. There are several towers, housing traders, a small shrine, a Dwemer and Imperial museum, a dungeon and a prison. It is very close to the Vos village, which make it an excellent rest stop for those exploring the eastern Grazelands, especially for retainers and kin of Telvanni who will be welcomed and given reduced prices for goods.


Tel Vos

Tel Vos

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Master Aryon


The following are from House Telvanni, except Esar-Don Dunsamsi.


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  • The construction of the stronghold's interior is apparently unfinished. Construction on the jail compound was under way, but when the Nerevarine reaches this area, it appears to be under construction and possibly a failed project. There are five journal entries written by the foreman of the project scattered around the area. After the Nerevarine reads them, they will find out that the project has been delayed because of roots taking over the area and because a boulder fell on a major ramp, in addition to an Atronach that killed the workers.
  • A shipwreck found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, know as the Wreck of The Pride of Tel Vos, is likely linked to the Tel Vos stronghold.



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