Tel Vos Magister is a creature card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends that is a part of the Houses of Morrowind expansion.


  • Tel Vos Magister can be soul summoned with 400 soul gems or found in Houses of Morrowind set packs.


Tel Vos Magister is summoned with a ward which will negate all damage taken from a single source. After taking damage, the ward will be broken and Tel Vos Magister will be susceptible to damage. Even with a ward, Tel Vos Magister can still be destroyed with instant kill cards such as Edict of Azura or Piercing Javalin.

If Tel Vos Magister still has a ward at the end of the player's turn, the player will gain a personal ward that will negate any damage directed at them before breaking. As such, the player can have a ward applied to them during all of their opponents turns so long as no attack is made against Tel Vos Magister. The ward will also prevent enemy creatures from draining or activating pilfer abilities.

If Tel Vos Magister's ward is broken, it can be regained with cards such as Wardcrafter or Elixir of Deflection. Friendly creatures with guard in the same lane as Tel Vos Magister will prevent his ward from being destroyed unless targeted by actions until the guard is destroyed or otherwise neutralized.


  • "Perhaps we can help one another." – When summoned
  • "Sorry it had to come to this." – When attacking


  • Prior to patch 1.72.4, Tel Vos Magister granted the player a ward at the end of their turn regardless of whether he still had a ward.
  • The card art for Tel Vos Magister depicts Aryon, the magister of Tel Vos, in Morrowind.



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