Telacar is an Altmer ghost confined to the Ossuary of Telacar, Grahtwood. He and his wife, Vastarie, were once friends with Mannimarco. Telecar was sealed with his ossuary after Vastarie disproved of him wanting to resurrect their deceased son, Calion, as a Flesh Atronach.


Telacar was the husband of Vastarie, and they were once followers of Mannimarco. After their son Calion was born, they turned away from Mannimarco's tenets, hoping to live peaceful lives. However, Calion died at an unfortunate young age. Telacar weeped for what could have been, as he wanted to train Calion as his apprentice. He made a Flesh Atronach from Calion's remains, and hoped to imbue it with Calion's spirit. Vastarie sealed him into his crypt in 2E 461, hoping that he would clear his head and realize what he was doing.[1]


The Unquiet DeadEdit

Members of the Mages Guild have been attacked while trying to enter the Ossuary of Telacar. Telacar is attempting to resurrect his son, Calion.


"Who are you? Why have you invaded my home?"

Your undead servants attacked Mages Guild explorers. [?]

"Calion is my son. I needed all his remains to craft the husk, so I had to use my own for the scepter. To command a spirit, use a focus made of its bones or those of its close relatives. Basic necromantic principle."

How do I know you won't leave this place? [?] Why shouldn't I set your son's spirit free? [?]




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