"The best swordsman in all Morrowind is at your service... for the right price."
―Teldryn Sero[src]

Teldryn Sero is a Dunmer spellsword and mercenary available for hire in the Retching Netch in Raven Rock on the island of Solstheim.


He grew up in the city of Blacklight, capital of Morrowind. At some point, he moved to Windhelm in the Gray Quarter, then to Raven Rock.

As a mercenary for hire, he was hired by a Nord from Skyrim. His employer was what Teldryn called a "true Nord"; had tattoos on his face, wore animal skins, a real "traditional type", had an insatiable bloodlust and was extremely stubborn, one of the toughest employers he has ever had.

When asked why he kept working for him, Teldyn responds with "Simple... he paid well. Very well". One day, they cleared out a ruined fort near Whiterun and when they got outside, they saw a bandit galloping away on horseback. Teldryn continues on to say that they tracked and chased the bandit for three days, eventually arriving at what Teldryn called the "largest bandit encampment I'd ever seen." He says his Nord boss took one look at Teldryn and had the most menacing grin he had ever seen. Teldryn recalls "At that moment, I knew I'd never see him again. No amount of money would be worth that kind of death."

He left Skyrim and made his way back to his home of Solstheim, where he currently lives in the Retching Netch, in Raven Rock.


Teldryn Sero wears a full set of Chitin armor by default. Unlike most followers, he prefers to keep his Chitin Helmet equipped, even if a helm with a higher armor rating is given to him. Generally, he will switch to a different helm it if fully covers his face, such as the Nightingale Hood.

If inducted into the Blades, Teldryn will exchange all of his chitin gear (helmet included) - however he will lose all of his unique dialoge options. It is possible to remove his helmet with the Perfect Touch pickpocketing perk. Doing so will allow him to equip other headgear given, including helms and circlets.

He carries an Elven sword and an Elven dagger as his default weapons.


Along with his One-Handed skills, he is a conjurer with the ability to summon a flame atronach.

After summoning an atronach, Teldryn will switch to Destruction magic. He uses spells such as Firebolt and Ice Spike at range before closing in with a one-handed weapon. If he runs out of magicka, and cannot close to range, he will switch to a default hunting bow and iron arrows, like all followers.


Using a Black Book

  • "What the-?"
  • "I can't believe you did that on purpose."
  • "That can't be good for you."
  • "That isn't right."


  • "Sheogorath's madness take you!"
  • "Agh! Filthy N'wah!"
  • "Die, N'wah!"

Teldryn may give some unique comments depending on where he is. These include:


Quote Condition
"Whiterun... The pride of Skyrim. Doesn't look like much to me. Now Blacklight on the other hand, that's a proper city." Whiterun

"Can you imagine what Markarth must have looked like when the Dwarves were living here? I can't even begin to imagine."

"I can't believe how carelessly the dead are buried here. I can't imagine my body rotting away like that." Falkreath
"Solitude... home to the East Empire Company, the heartless bastards." Solitude
"So this is Riften. Glover Mallory told me a good deal about the place. It looks exactly as I'd pictured." Riften
"So this is the fabled College of Winterhold. Amazing." Winterhold
"Riverwood looks peaceful. If I had to settle in Skyrim, this might be the place I'd choose." Riverwood
"I lived in the Gray Quarter of Windhelm for years... it's a wretched place full of bitter Dunmer. Let's be done here quickly." Windhelm
"Dawnstar is full of struggling miners. Sounds a lot like a certain town in Solstheim, eh?" Dawnstar
"Ugh, what a wretched place. Who would build a town in the middle of a swamp?" Morthal

General locations

Quote Condition
Not much of a farm. How do they expect to grow anything in this ash-free soil? In a farm
I hope we don't bump into any Forsworn around here. I heard they're as wild as a pack of beasts. Karthwasten
The Forsworn are little more than beasts. They won't listen to reason, so prepare for the worst. In a Forsworn Camp
Becoming a hagraven requires a sacrifice to their foul deity. Show them no mercy before we become one of the victims. In a Hagraven Nest
The Pale reminds me of the northern part of Solstheim... rife with freezing cold weather and full of unfriendly creatures. In The Pale
You may want to be careful down here... the Thieves Guild makes the Ratway it's home. In The Ratways
Dragons, eh? Good, I was looking for a challenge. In a Dragon Lair
Vampires are wretched beings. Feeding off of others the way they do... it's disgusting. In a Vampire Lair
Warlocks practice all sorts of foul sorcery. We should proceed with caution. In a Warlock Lair
Damn bandits are worse than the vermin that infest the ash wastes back home. In a Bandit Camp
There are restless dead about... I suggest we proceed with caution. Inside a Nordic Tomb
Despite the foul beings that infest this place, I'm certain we'll find plenty of wealth to make it worth our time. Inside any cave or dungeon.
The dwarves were a clever race. I wonder what happened to them? Inside a Dwemer Ruin.
To think the Falmer are loosely related to the Dunmer sends shivers down my spine. In a Falmer Hive
Ugh, the stench. We must be nearing a giant's home. Near a Giant's Camp
I never fancied becoming a miner... didn't want to spend the rest of my days cracking rocks. Inside a mine
I was briefly in the employ of an orc warrior once. I had to quit because he refused to bathe. Disgusting. In an Orc Stronghold
Spriggan are loathsome creatures. They summon some of the most benign beings of the forest and bend them to their will. In a Spriggan Grove
I wonder how many souls were lost when this ship met its fate. In a Shipwreck
What would possess someone to give their allegiance to Hircine, only to see their free will taken from them like this? In a Werewolf Lair
With the ash from Red Mountain covering half the island, it's astonishing how much Solstheim reminds me of home.

In Solstheim

Any time you want to head for Skyrim, I'm right with you... I've spent enough time on Solstheim to last a lifetime. In Solstheim
The Telvanni are amazing. Look what they've grown from the ash... have you ever seen anything like it? In Tel Mithryn
How can the Skaal stand it up here? It's freezing! In the Skaal Village
I've called Raven Rock my home for a number of years. Azura knows why... it's a mess. In Raven Rock



This section contains bugs related to Teldryn Sero. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  2. If the bug is still occurring, please post the bug report with the appropriate system template  360  / XB1  ,  PS3  / PS4  ,  PC  / MAC  ,  NX  , depending on which platform(s) the bug has been encountered on.
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  • After combat, Teldryn may become stuck in the combat stance, and unable to be interacted with, or stuck using a flame spell on an empty area with a seemingly bottomless supply of magicka. Using the Unrelenting Force shout on him will usually remedy this problem.
  • If dismissed, Teldryn can sometimes go missing and won't appear back at the Retching Netch in Solstheim, if dismissed in Skyrim, he's often found near the boats in Windhelm, due to a glitch in his path-finding. When dismissed in Solstheim, he's often found outside of the Retching Netch.
  •  360   Sometimes, Teldryn will act as though he has been dismissed during or after combat. When spoken to, he will ask for his pay to rejoin you again. If this is denied, he will go missing and will not be found anywhere near where you left him, the Wretching Netch, or on the Northern Maiden in Windhelm.
  • He may be found wandering just outside of Raven Rock, somewhat north of the Earth Stone.
    • Solution: Pay his fee, and he should work as normal.


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