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Telekinesis is a magical effect and spell that temporarily allows the caster to pick up items, open containers, manipulate objects, trigger traps, or open interior doors from a distance. This effect's magnitude corresponds to the number of feet that it extends one's reach. It is a member of the Mysticism school of magic, governed by Willpower.


None are first effects.

Alchemy Ingredients
Ingredient WeightIcon GoldIcon Item ID
Alit Hide 1.00 5 ingred_alit_hide_01
Bonemeal 0.20 2 ingred_bonemeal_01
Scuttle 0.10 10 ingred_scuttle_01


The following items are enchanted with a Telekinesis effect.

Enchanted Items
Item Type Magnitude Duration
Range Item ID
Min. Max.
Blood of the Quarra Masters Potion 20 20 30 0 Self p_quarrablood_UNIQUE
Potion of Telekinesis Potion 10 10 15 0 Self p_telekinesis_s
Ring of Far Reaching Ring 25 25 5 0 Self ring of telekinesis_UNIQUE
The Seizing of the Erabenimsun Belt 50 50 30 0 Self seizing
Scroll of Inasi's Mystic Finger Scroll 15 45 20 0 Self sc_inasismysticfinger


The following spells consist of a Telekinesis effect.

Telekinesis Spells
Spell Cost
Magnitude Duration
Range Base ID
Min. Max.
Telekinesis 6 25 25 5 0 Self telekinesis


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