Telvanni Agents is a Fighters Guild quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Eydis Fire-Eye about "Telvanni Agents."
  2. Go to Caldera Mining Company.
  3. Eliminate the archer, Alveleg outside the nearby cave, Ashanammu.
  4. Eliminate the 3 agents, Alynu AralenSathasa Nerothren, and Fothyna Herothran inside the cave.
  5. Talk to Eydis Fire-Eye about "Telvanni Agents" for the reward.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

The Nerevarine should speak to Eydis to initiate their next task, which is to eliminate some Telvanni agents near the Caldera Mining Company. Head to Caldera (it is recommended to use the mage guild teleport system). Go west of the village and then south, until one can see a trail with a fence on the side of it. Keep following it until one sees the company. Before one enters the company area, look around, and they will find a lone person, Alveleg. Talk to him about Telvanni agents and kill him, as he is one of them. Head inside the nearby cave he was guarding and kill the remaining three Telvanni agents, Alynu AralenSathasa Nerothren, and Fothyna Herothran. Search the chest up the scaffolding for some scrolls and potions (this is optional, and will not affect the quest). Head back to the Balmora Fighters' Guild for the reward.


Telvanni Agents
I'm to find and kill four Telvanni agents responsible for thefts and disappearances at the Caldera Mine. Their names are Alynu Aralen, Sathasa Nerothren, Fothyna Herothran, and Alveleg. They're hiding in a cave in the hills north of Caldera Mine, and they probably have a lookout posted outside the mine. When the four agents are dead, report back to Eydis Fire-Eye.
I reported killing the Telvanni agents, and Eydis Fire-Eye paid me 400 gold.
  • Quest complete

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